Rosenwald Schools Worcester County Maryland

Introducing Germantown School

Built in 1922, the Germantown School is an original Tuskegee-design two room school financed through the Rosenwald Rural School Building Program, a public/private partnership made possible through the vision of Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald and dedicated to the improvement of educational facilities for African American students throughout the southern United States. One of 5000 Rosenwald schools in operation across the country by the 1930s, the Germantown School educated students from its opening in 1922 through its closure in the 1950s.

The legacy of the Germantown School did not end with its closing.  After being converted into a county garage in the early 1960s, it was restored to its original condition through the same type of public/private partnership effort that led to its founding.  Community members received the deed to the school in 2000 and worked together to not only restore the school building, but also to reaffirm its mission of education and community enrichment.

The restored Germantown school boast a museum that transports visitors back to this important time in our collective history.  In addition, the Germantown Community Heritage Center hosts regular educational, cultural and community events, ensuring its continuing role as welcoming gathering place for the community, a place for all people.

The Germantown School Community Heritage Center is a 501(c)(3) organization